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SpecMetallMaster Company was founded in 1991. Since the very foundation and up to 1994 the company was focused on export of various metals to Germany which was the main sphere of activity. Realizing that a strong manufacturing foundation is the key to successful and stable operation and presence on the market, we moved to its creation. Thus, starting from 1994 the Company has established its own production facilities of refractory metals and their alloys (such as molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten) which are used in the atmosphere of inert gases and vacuum for execution of various metallurgical processes. In particular for the following operations:

At the moment the Company offers its customers a wide range of products from refractory metals, among which:

All products can be made of any configurations and sizes upon the customers’ needs and requests. The limits and sizes are implemented according to the drawings previously agreed and approved by the customer.

The inevitable and integrated part of each manufacturing process is the production of semi-finished products (metal powder, sheet, rod, wire, pipes, strips, foil) using the following refractory metals:

All SpecMetallMaster Company production is made using the equipment of leading western manufacturers and the latest newly emerging technologies. That is why the durability and the highest quality are the essence of our activity and inherent parts of our products. That is confirmed by impressive list of satisfied clients who have established long-term and fruitful cooperation with us (among which such giants as Science, Lukoil, Gazprom, NPO Luch, MosInergo, AtamMash, Yukos, and other leading companies).

To order or receive consultation about the sales of refractory metals and metal products, please call at the following numbers:

+7(495) 755-15-72, +7(495) 720-78-72 in Moscow.

Our clients

Why us?

There are many companies in the metal production market today, all of them offer different. Why does it make sense for You to choose us out of all of them?

We know everything about refractory metals because we have been working in this field for about 25 years.

We work exclusively on the equipment of the leading Western producers taking into account all modern technologies and innovations.

Among our employees - leading industry experts and scientists with experience of more than 30 years.

Us value, us trust! This is evidenced by the award of a diploma "for active participation in the formation of a civilized consumer market in Russia".