Choice the high quality metalpoweder, Technologic sintering in the hydrogen, the Tungsten products of Specmetallmaster such as TZM, Tungsten Alloys, Sintering tungsten are high purity and machinable.

Sintered Tungsten Crucibles

W 99.95%18.5g/cc (Sintering)Diameter: 70-450mm
High: 50-700mm

Sintered Tungsten Crucibles

Tungsten Tube Targets

Tube Targets are more and more widely used by solar Industry because of its high utilization. We can produce tungsten tube targets with D≤450mm and Length≤1200mm.

Tungsten Tube Target

Sintered Tungsten Billets

TZM BilletsTunfsten Plate BilletsTungsten Rod Billets