Owned effective plate working Technology and Equipment for tungsten, Specmetallmaster can supply tungsten evaporation boats, heat shields, trays and welded crucible according to the customer drawing.

Tungsten Heat Shields

Specmetallmaster can supply Tungsten shield with size:

MaterialConnection wayMax. offered size
TungstenRiveted jointDiameter: 600
High: 850mm

Tungsten Shields

Supply Tungsten Evaporation Boat

Tungsten boat sizes: (or according to the customer drawing).

TypeThickness, mmWidth, mmLength, mm

Tungsten Boats

Tungsten Tray

Tungsten Tray

Tungsten Shelf

Tungsten Shelf

Tungsten Heater

Tungsten Mesh Heater
Tungsten HeaterTungsten HeaterTungsten Mesh Heater

Tungsten Welded Crucible

W welded Crucible

Tungsten Twisted Wire

Tungsten Twisted Wires