Tantalum Ingots
Tantalum Ingots

The tantalum production of SpecMetallMaster is remarkable for its flexible technology of processing of any kinds of tantalum and niobium raw materials, including those hard to digest. This technology allows to manufacture products with the set quality parameters.

Tantalum Products:

3N2, 3N5, 3N7, 4N and 4N5 pure Tantalum ingot produced by double and triple electron beam melting.

  • Tantalum mill products of flat and round forms;
  • Materials for capacitors;
  • Ingots TaY and products;
  • Alloy ingots TaW-10, TaW-2.5 and products;
  • 4N5 pure Tantalum ingot produced by vacuum arc melting.

Overview of semi-finished products in tantalum and tantalum alloys available from SpecMetallMaster Company

MaterialSheets [thickness]Ribbons [thickness]Rods [O]Wires [O]Tubes
OD [O]Wall thickness
TaS0.05 - 2 mm0.015 - 0.381 mm0.5 - 7 mm0.05 - 3 mm2 - 52 mm0.25 - 4 mm
TaK--on request0.05 - 3 mm--
TaKSon request-on request0.05 - 3 mm--
TaM0.05 - 20 mm0.015 - 0.381 mm1 - 150 mm0.05 - 3 mm2 - 52 mm0.25 - 4 mm
other dimensions on request

Quality assurance system in the field of production of Tantalum, Tantalum compounds and Tantalum products is certified to comply with ISO-9001:2000.

With many years experience in powder metallurgy SpecMetallMaster Company is able to supply a wide range of tantalum products in high performance materials.

Tantalum TargetTantalum Crucible
Tantalum TargetTantalum Crucible