Choice the high quality metalpoweder, Technologic sintering in the hydrogen, molybdenum products of Specmetallmaster such as Molybdenum Alloys, Molybdenum Rods, Molybdenum Plates, Molybdenum Crucibles are high purity and machinable.

Sintered Molybdenum Crucibles

Mo 99.95%≥9.8g/cc (Sintering)Diameter: 70-450mm
High: 50-700mm

Molybdenum Tube Targets

Tube Targets are more and more widely used by solar Industry because of its high utilization. We produce molybdenum tube targets with OD≤450mm and Length≤1200mm.

Molybdenum Tube Target

Sintered Molybdenum Billets

Molybdenum Plate BilletsMolybdenum Rod BilletsMo-La Billets