All of our Molybdenum products are forged in high density.

The single weight may be to 100 kilograms.

With excellent machinability, Specmetallmaster can forgen molybdenum (mo-la) in bars, rods and blocks. These material can be used for making support bars and heating elements in vaccum furnace, glass melting electrodes, resistance welding electrodes, tubes, crucibles etc.

Molybdenum Ground Rods

Specmetallmaster can supply Molybdenum ground Rod with size.

Diameter, mmLength, mm
Ø2.0 - 30.0>2500
Ø30.0 - 60.0>2000
Ø60.0 - 100.0>1000
Ø100.0 - 200.0>600
Molybdenum Ground Rods

Molybdenum Forged Rods (Bars) with row Surface

Diameter, mmLength, mm
Ø2.0 - 6.0>6000
Ø6.0 - 10.0>5500
Ø10.0 - 15.0>4000
Molybdenum Forged Rods

Molybdenum ground Block

Molybdenum Ground Block

Molybdenum Crucible made of forged Rods

Mo 99.95%10.1g/cc (Forging)Diameter: 10-130mm
High: 10-200mm

In Vacuum or deoxidize atmesphare the highest using temperature for Molybdenum is 1700ºC.

Molybdenum Crucibles

Molybdenum Electrode

Molybdenum Electrode

Molybdenum Tube

Molybdenum Tubes

Molybdenum Screw

Molybdenum Screw